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IoD City of London: ‘The EU & the City – What Next? (Gianni Pittella meets Lord David Lidington)

Dove: Londra , Guildhall – ore 18.30 Quando: 8 aprile

Gianni Pittella, First Vice President of the European Parliament & The Rt Hon David Lidington, UK Minister of State for Europe, will discuss the City’s and the UK’s relationship with Brussels.

‘For some, the free movement of goods and people within a single market is a triumph of our time. For others, the regulatory and financial burdens of membership raise questions about how well the system works – and for whom it is working.’ (Simon Walker, Director General of the IoD, commenting about discussions regarding the UK & the EU during the IoD National Convention 2013.)

This event will discuss the economic relationship between the City, the wider economy and Brussels. There will also be a consideration of the UK’s present and future political relationship with the European Union, its benefits, it challenges, future opportunities and future threats. No discussion can leave out either Britain’s or the EU’s relationships with other countries and international organisations.

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