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April 9-10-11th, Rome. 3rd Michelangelo Workshops: The Mediterranean is facing major challenges through its Youth

3rd Michelangelo Workshops

The Mediterranean is facing major challenges through its Youth

For a smart Mediterranean

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Thursday, April 9th

Location Rome: Università di Roma, La Sapienza

Facoltà d’Ingegneria, via Eudossiana 18

18:00 Welcome of partecipants and Festive event

Friday, April 10th

Location Rome: Aula Magna

Liceo Classico Statale Ennio Quirino VISCONTI, Piazza del Collegio Romano,4

9:00 Registration

9:30-10:00 Welcome addresses

10:00-10:10 Welcome by On. Gianni Pittella/Dott. Massimo Preziuso

10:10-10:30 Invited lecture by Ing. Massimo Calabresi

10:30-10:50 Dott. Dario Guarascio (School of economics, Università di Roma 1)

10:50-11:10 Prof. Enzo Siviero (IUAV)

11:10-11:40 Coffee break

11:40-13:00 Workshop session 1: Climate and sustainable development

13:00-13.45 Prof. Ingrid Rowland “The Ecstatic Journey: Athanasius Kircher in Baroque Rome”

Representatives of Università di Roma La Sapienza

Léo Vincent and Massimo Guarascio, Pdt and Vice-Pdt of RMEI

“The Foucault Pendulum at Collegi Romani” (Wunderkummer 2015)

“Cultural networking and success factors in RMEI activities”

“The Mediterranean is our land, bridging and networking”

Moderators: Olivier Boiron General director RMEI/Ecole Centrale Marseille,

Manel Abbes (ENISo)

Dhekra Rhaiem (ENIM Monastir) “Coupling of Photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar

collectors and Windmills with hydrogen chain for insular area”

Benjamin Luce, Yann SUREL (Ecole Centrale Marseille) “Weather station”

Imen Hajji, Manel Abbes, Anis Baklouti, Ali BelHaj Zahi, Mahdi Ben Abdallah,

Malek Ben Ali, Haythem Dabbabi (ENISo Sousse), “Weather station”

Souad Qalbi, Mohamed El Bouhali (ENIM Rabat) “Weather station”

Amjad Samara (Ann-Najah University) “Point of view on sutainable development”

Collegi Romani Museum of Athanasius Kircher

Following the official Kick-off meeting of the HOMERe Program

(Marseille, March 17th, 2015)

15:00-18:00Launching of the HOMERe consortium in Italy

On the occasion of the 3rd Michelangelo Workshops « Making the Mediterranean an employment area »

15:00-15:30 Opening ceremony: the challenge of improving employability of graduates

15:30- 15:50 Invited lecture by Ing. Nicola Monda, CNI: The Mediterranean Engineer

15:50-16:10 HOMERe, a new program for improving employability of Mediterranean Youth

16:10-16:30 Coffee break

16:30-17:30 Round Table on the added value of international internships

17:30-18:00 Structuration and challenges of the Consortium HOMERe Italy

Ing. Franco Terlizzese, Director of Ministry of Enterprise and Economic Development ,

Mme Jihen Boutiba Mrad, Secrétaire général Business Med

Ing. Nicola Monda, Responsible of International Affairs, CNI

Prof. Léo Vincent, President of RMEI, General Coordinator of the HOMERe program

Prof. Massimo Guarascio, 1st Vice-President of RMEI

Moderators: Prof. Gülsün Sağlamer CUM, Olivier Boiron RMEI

Paolo Antona, Consultant, Member of the HOMERe Wise Person Committee

Prof. Fabrizio Micari, Preside UNIPA

Prof. Alfonso Montella, UNINA

Responsibles of Italian companies

Nicola Monda, CNI

Paolo Antona, member of the HOMERe Wise Persons Committee

Massimo Guarascio, 1st President RMEI

Francesco Losurdo, Director of CUM

Marcello Scalisi, Director of UNIMED

Angelo Di Gregorio, UNIMIB

18:00-19:00 Touristic walk to the church “San Pietro in Vincoli”

19:00-19:30 Cultural event dedicated to the Moses of Michelangelo at San Pietro in Vincoli

19:00-19:10 Angelica Pedatella “Seamed-Game relatively the intercultural world in prison and the relations with the external through culture”

19:10-19:25 Prof. Massimo Guarascio “Introduction in front of the statue”

19:25-20:00 Prof. Fabrizio Vestroni, Prof. Maurizio Quoiani “Computered

reproduction of Michelangelo’s Moses from a virtual marm block”

20:00 Official dinner in the XVI century cloister of the Church, at the Università di Roma

Saturday, April 11

Location: Civitavecchia, Town Hall

8:00 Departure by train from Termini Station to Civitavecchia

9:30-9:45: Welcome address by the Mayor of Civitavecchia

9:45-10:20 Workshop Session 2: Smart Cities

10:20-11:00 Workshop Session 3: Tourism and sustainability

11:00-11:45 Workshop Session 4: JEY; Jeunes entrepreneurs – Entrepreneurship for Youth

Moderators: Prof. Gino Bella (Unicaesano), Antonello Carlomagno

Valerio Baiocchi, Antonello Carlomagno, Gregorio Pirrò, Francesca Sciarretta and Nicolò Sciarretta (Doctors and students from Sapienza and IUAV Venice),

Gino Bella (Unicaesano), “smart cities”

Lourdes Salameh (Notre Dame University), “eco-friendly residential”

Mahmoud Kobbi, Maaha Massaabi (SupCom Tunis)

Moderators: Prof. Léo Vincent RMEI – Maïana Houssaye Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Elodie Courtois, Maïana Houssaye, Thomas Le Baron, Alexei Reiman, Valerian

Seuwin (Ecole Centrale Lyon) “Take the Med Jeunes, Defismed project”

Med Samoud (ENIM Monastir) “Renewable energy”

Moderator: Prof. Stefania Tinti, Sara Hassan Cairo University

Anais Guesne , Pauline Saussol, Jellil Yahya (Kedge Business School) “JEY”

Sara Hassan Cairo University “JEY in Egypt”

Souad Qalbi (ENIM Rabat) “When to Start Your Own Business? “

11:45-12:00 Walk Transfer to Aula Museale of Coast Guard inside Forte Michelangelo

Location: Civitavecchia, Forte Michelangelo

12:00-12:30 Capitaneria di Porto “Coast Guard mission innovations in the control of maritime

12:30-13:15 Visit of the exhibition of photos

13:15-14:15 Ceremony for the award of the Michelangelo prizes and election of the GAMe

14:15-15:00 Lunch, Conclusion and Brindisi

15:00-15:15 Walking transfer to Cittadella della Musica

15:15 Cultural visit of the Raffaello’s Frescoes in De Paoli’s Renaissance House

17:40 Return to Rome transports and Mediterranean protection”

Prof. Alvaro Ranzoni “Conference on Raffaello’s Frescoes”

Free evening in Rome

Event organized with the participation of UNIMED, BUSINESSMED

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