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“Significantly beyond”: the National Assembly of Innovatori Europei, 20 February, 10.30 – 14.30, Chamber of Deputies, Rome


“Significantly Beyond”: the National Assembly of Innovatori Europei

20 February, 10.30 – 14.30, Sala della Mercede, Via della Mercede 55, Chamber of Deputies, Rome

10.30 – Introduction

“The Innovators of Europe: the route taken in 2006, the future ahead” (Massimo Preziuso)

11.00 – From italian regions

“New welfare in the territories of Lazio” (Giuseppina Bonaviri)

“Innovation policy and institutional framework in Campania” (Osvaldo Cammarota)

“Innovatori Europei and Terra del Sud” (Vincenzo Girfatti)

11.30 – From our Think Tank

Energy and Environment

“A sustainable future for Taranto” (Massimo Sapienza)

Knowledge and Innovation

“European innovation” (Michele Mezza)

“A joint framework for innovation in Italy (Nello Iacono)


“The United States of Europe” (Paolo Di Battista)

“A New Europe in the Mediterranean” (Luisa Pezone)

Italians abroad

“Which future and what opportunities for the Italian communities living abroad?” (Salvatore Viglia)

Radio and TV

“Save the pluralism of broadcasting by conflict of interests” (Antonio Diomede)


“Innovation in culture, music and entertainment” (Mario di Gioia)

Italy and BRICS

“Innovatori Europei and Italy/India Association” (Tommaso Amico di Meane and Asif Parvez)

“Attraction of chinese investments in Italy: how?” (Lifang Dong e Carlotta Maraschi)

“The importance of a European Union-Mercosur treaty” (Rainero Schembri)

12.45 – Coffee Break

13.00 – Debate around our political manifesto 

“Among workers and producers”. With: Arturo Artom (Rinascimento Italiano), Pier Virgilio Dastoli (Movimento Europeo), Oscar Giannino (Fermare il Declino), Sandro Gozi (PD), Enrico Letta (PD), Marianna Madia (PD), Gianni Pittella (PD), Claudio Sperandio (Movimento Cinque Stelle)

14.30 – Conclusions

(Moderator: Zaira Fusco, journalist)

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