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IRCAI launched call for Top 100 projects solving problems related to SDGs with the application of Artificial Intelligence

IRCAI launched call for Top 100 projects solving problems related to SDGs with the application of Artificial Intelligence

On 1 April 2021, the International Research Centre in Artificial Intelligence under the auspices of UNESCO launched a call for proposals for listing the Top 100 projects solving problems related to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with the application of Artificial Intelligence.

IRCAI was launched on 29 March 2021, with 1083 registered participants from 123 countries from all geographical regions of the United Nations: African, Asian-Pacific, Eastern European, Latin American and Caribbean and Western European states.

The Centre aims to contribute to the SDGs by making the world’s largest platform for sustainable solutions even more effective and impactful. In 2021, IRCAI is launching its Global Top 100 list (Deadline for applications 30th of June), where it wants to empower those researchers, entrepreneurs and thinkers, and specifically projects using AI that otherwise could not reach visibility in global markets, to make a significant impact or have a voice.

The goal is to identify the Top 100 projects and create a Top 10 report. In addition, a special report will be created highlighting showcasing 10 of the most compelling cases and breakthrough solutions among Artificial Intelligence projects, with a focus on Sustainable Development impact.

The report will be structured as a high visibility opportunity and relevance with focus to specific usages of AI. We aim to showcase the state-of-the art solutions that must already be proof-of-concepts in some of the most challenging and exciting problems in Development with Artificial Intelligence, not only in the Global South, but also in the Global North.

The call is in line with and supports Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, inauguration speech at IRCAI’s launch where she called for countries, organizations and individuals to combine their energy and propose solutions so that artificial intelligence (AI) be used for the common good of humanity. The first of its kind, IRCAI will advance research on the use of AI to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by showcasing relevant projects across the world.

In this regard, IRCAI will make final decisions based on the potential implementation and impact of the AI solution in the sustainable development community, and quality of the scientific and solution content. These will be considered in the broad criteria listed below.

  1. Sustainable Development: Centrality of AI to delivering the solution
  2. Impact: The potential impact on the particular SDG(s) either in measuring its KPIs or delivering systems that will improve them
  3. Implementation: The demonstration of the potential in the work completed as either a proof of concept or research work completed
  4. Ethics: Ethical Design of the AI

The top 10 projects will also receive support through training, advisory, networking and mentoring activities across IRCAI partners. The Center is partnering with Village Capital which will support the Top 10 projects with an investment readiness training session and Social Finance which will provide training on innovative finance and outcome measurement (including Social Impact Bonds). Together, we can unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence and use it to solve problems related to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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